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Today's Verse

Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

Our Thoughts on Today's Verse:

"It has long been said - the wise do not care about himself but about the world." This means no "you - me, me - you", not "give me" but "take from me. " It does not matter whether we are able now to give little or much - Everything is relative. The main thing - that the person is ready to sincerely say: "Take the gift of my heart!"

Just a giving excuse of life and give it meaning - that the Buddha taught and Christ, taught by Maitreya and in Tierra del Living Ethics. Hidden meaning higher love, which makes the spirit of absolute absolutely free, reflected in the fact that the selflessly devoting themselves to other people, destroys in its conscience of the ancient walls of the self (ego), holding the soul in limbo.

In these sayings of Christ refers to the highest gift of fiery heart - true love, absolutely devoid of any personal coloring. This kind of love - priceless a gift that brings people into the treasury of the spatial Spirit of Love Church, common to all the Worlds. Synonym of such priceless gift - a feat the highest manifestation of selflessness in the name of other people in the name of the Teacher, in the name of things.

Only those who are not poor in spirit can demonstrate such love. We should learn to grow our spirit hoping to reach that level one day where we can be ready to give such gifts to those we love the most.

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